About Organization !

Labh Securities is a boutique Proprietary Trading Firm specializing in providing tailored Prop trading services to Professional Traders, Proprietary Trading Groups, and Group of Traders & Institutional customers. Since the firm was started in year 2007 the industry has seen dramatic change as the electronic marketplace evolved from the introduction of the first ECN in 1969 to the pre-eminent role electronic markets play in today's trading environment.

The daily trading volumes and liquidity provided by the electronic marketplace would have been unfathomable less than a decade ago.

As the capital market structure is constantly evolving, the firm's principals remain vigilant to provide our customers with the tools necessary to compete in a world that is measured in milliseconds & nanoseconds.

Labh Securities only business is investing in traders. We offer professional traders an environment long on talent, trust, and resources and short on bureaucracy and headaches.